• Kim Boutin

    ''The only skate I trust when it comes to racing.''

  • Valérie Maltais

    ''Love the rigidity and stability the skate give me.''

  • Jordan Pierre-Gilles

    ''Can't ask for a better skate to perform. Apex all the way!!!''

Apex Racing Skates specializes in the manufacturing of exceptional quality, customized speed skating boots. Since 2001, we’ve offered short track boots,  speed skating boots as well as inline speed skating boots.

The best athletes are motivated by quality and originality and athletes inspire the making of our products. At Apex Racing Skates, we’re more than manufacturers; we’re also the end users. Similarly to what we strive to do every day, we want to elevate the performance level of our customers.

It is with this philosophy that we customize every pair of boots for each speed discipline. Whether you’re an athlete training for the Olympic Games or a sports enthusiast, our mission is to adapt our products to your needs, the very essence of an entirely customized product.