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Apex Racing Skates

Apex (Test)

Apex (Test)

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Short Track

Our number one product and certainly the most tested Apex design, through the years, is a handmade carbon shell. This design gives the boot rigidity without adding weight to maximize performance. These boots bring an unparalleled stability which will give you the confidence to gain those tenths of a second that make all the difference in reaching the next level! Numerous Olympic medals and world records are proof that Apex boots lead to international success.

Specifications : 

Sizes : Custom

Shell : T700 Carbon fibre with aerospace grade resins

Design/Construction : Short track specific

Mounting :  Rectangular 4 holes machined T7075 series aluminium mounting block

Mount-Spacing  : 165 mm

Hardware : 6 Hexagonal Head M6 bolts, 6 washers

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