The Apex Racing Skates adventure started well before the company was created. Early in his career, Mathieu Turcotte, a short track speed skater and cofounder of Apex Racing Skates, was already custom-moulding his skates to the form of his feet. His expertise comes from his specialized training in orthotics and prosthetics, but his passion started after he wore his first pair of customized skates.

At the Salt Lake City Olympic Games, only a few months before the company was created, Apex Racing Skates began accumulating medals. In 2002, 3 of the 4 members of the Canadian men`s Olympic team wore Apex skates. The team brought back 8 medals for Canada. Since then, the firm has been in full expansion and produces more and more skates destined for elite athletes of all participating countries.

Mathieu is a serious athlete and he was determined to win at the 2006 Olympic Games. He represented Canada at the 1500m in Turin and finished the competition in 6th position. He came back from Italy with a silver medal in the 5000m relay, adding to the two previous medals he won in Salt Lake City (gold in the 5000m and bronze in the 1000m).

In April 2007, after 10 years as a member of the Canadian national team, Turcotte retired from competition to dedicate himself entirely to the company. While competing, he never neglected his responsibility and, with the help of his partners, participated in the management of the company.

A charismatic young man, Mathieu is well appreciated by his fellow skaters. Nothing’s more natural for an ex-athlete than staying active in speed skating on local, national and international levels. Mathieu remains close to young Canadian skaters. He inspires them in their pursuit towards excellence and in their equipment choices. Because of his presence, the majority of Canadians skaters compete using Apex skates today.

And it doesn’t stop there. Athletes from over 30 countries now wear Apex Racing Skates boots. Among them are many medal winners of previous Olympic Games. Supervising worldwide sales is a huge endeavour and with the trust of his international customers, Apex Racing Skates has established partnerships on 3 continents with recognized professionals. International athletes get quality service and delivery dates are respected.

Today, Apex Racing Skates is concentrating on satisfying athletes’ demands and needs. Research and development is a big part of the company’s daily endeavours. We have big ambitions and numerous projects are in the works so watch out for new releases!